Saturday, March 10, 2012

All Student Show 2012 - How to Submit Artwork

Guidelines and Requirements:

Submit your artwork from March 3/19 through 3/24 on the submission table outside of the 3rd Floor FAC Gallery. Work will be collected at 5:00p.m. every night and stored for safekeeping.

Two-dimensional and three-dimensional works accepted.

You may submit up to three pieces.

All artwork MUST be labeled.

Entry labels can be found on the submission table.

Accepted two-dimensional artwork must be framed. 

Work must be ready-to-hang by Wednesday 11 April 2012.

All transportation of the artwork is the responsibility of the
individual artist.

Unaccepted work will be returned to the submission table outside after Monday 13 April for pick-up.

Contact Joe Miller at if you have any questions or wish to be a student juror.

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